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Christina & Philip's Wedding Ceremony

5:30 PM, September 1, 2018
Fox Hollow
7725 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, New york 11797

Dress Code: Formal
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Our Story

Once upon a time, two driven young adults applied for an internship at this private learning lab that was opening in Locust Valley called Fit Learning. Little did they know, this application would lead them to so much more than an internship. They were about to find the perfect fit (pun 100% intended) for themselves. They worked side by side for over a year. She had a boyfriend, and he was just getting his footing in a new state living on his own for the first time. They were friendly, but she refused to make eye contact for too long because I think she secretly knew no good could come of it. One day, after she, unfortunately (but really, fortunately) broke up with her boyfriend, and he finally began to settle in, they eventually caved and had their first date. It went swimmingly and they haven't looked back since.

Flash forward 6 years...

Phil: "Christina, are we going to hang out today?"
Christina: "I can't, Dad just called. I need to go to Grandpa's for Sunday dinner."
Phil: "That's fine, let's just hang out and I'll come to Grandpa's with you, I haven't seen them in forever!" "Plus, I need your help with something really quick at work. It's a two-person job but will only take 10 min."

(After an hour of back and forth of Christina trying her best to not hang out with Phil)

Christina: "Ugh, alright"

(Phil knows she is secretly, but not so secretly, annoyed, but goes along with the plan anyway)
(Christina pulls up to the house and hops in the car to drive over to Fit)

Phil: "Thanks for doing this on a Sunday. I promise it'll be really quick"
Christina: "I can't believe you're making me do this right now, I just got shampoo in my eye and it burns! and I just wanna go to Grandpa’s. I really don't want to go to work today. Can't it wait until tomorrow?"
Phil: "I'm sorry, I promise it'll be quick. It has to be done today and I need your help. I'll explain when we get there."

(They drive and chat until Phil pulls up and parks in front of Fit.... They always park in the back)

Christina: "What are you doing. We can't go in the front, the alarm will go off. Don't be stupid."
Phil: "Nah, we need to be out here, Dr. Kim wants us to look at the sign. We're thinking about changing it and she needs the answer for the people today. Just walk that way down the block and I'll tell you when to stop."
Christina: "Ugh" (She was not happy about this task)

(Christina gets about 20 feet away)

Phil: " STOPPP"

(Phil is right there behind her, along with some guy that just walked out of the meat market and was walking next to Phil at THE worst time possible... He was NOT part of the plan… neither was his bag of meat)

Christina: (Weird look on her face, like what the heck are you doing?)
Phil: "It was at this exact spot, 6 years ago, that I first saw you after your interview, walking towards your car with Dr. Nick. I jokingly thought to myself in my young and arrogant mind "hey, they hired me a girlfriend". Little did I know that you were going to be so much more than that… Will You Marry Me?"
Christina: "No, no, no, nooooo, I mean what? is this really happening? Yes, I mean, WHAT?!, I mean, Yes! of course YES!!!"

Christina: "But you forgot to get on one knee"
Phil: "AHH, I was in panic mode with that guy walking step by step with me"

(Phil Gets down on one knee in the middle of the sidewalk. Meat market man looking strangely on at them as he climbs into his car.)

Phil: "Will you marry me?"
Christina: "Of course! YES!"
(Big Smooch & Tears)

We look forward to sharing the next of these lifetime memorable moments with you all. Preferably without the meat market man.

(And no, the meat market man was not invited to the wedding.)


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Wedding Party

Nicole Garofalo

Maid of Honor

Megan Powers Garofalo


Erica Cairoli


Danielle Basilone


Stephine Herrera


Nicolette Davila


Maryann Garofalo

Mother of the Bride

Kathy Jaremkof- Cairoli - Spagnulo

Mother of the Groom

Amelia Cairoli

Flower Girl/Child

Salvatore Garofalo

Father of the Bride

Paul Cairoli

Father of the Groom

Robert Cairoli

Best Man

Salvatore Garofalo Jr.


Steve Jaremkof


Mike Zurla


Alex Slutzky


William Neves



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